Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two for 2010

In 2009, I had a lot to look forward to as far as new movie releases go: Up in the Air (George Clooney movie that filmed in my hometown), Public Enemies (Johnny Depp and Christian Bale!) and Nine (a musical with Daniel Day-Lewis and every female star), just to start. 2010 seems to pale in comparison, although there are two movies I really can't wait to see.

Inception (Release Date: July 16)
I haven't felt this strongly about a movie since The Prestige, which combined the acting talents of Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall and the filmmaking talent of Christopher Nolan - all of whom I am fans. This time, Nolan puts Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Lukas Haas (again, I'm fans of them all) together on-screen for what seems like it might be one of the best thrillers to hit theaters in a long time. In fact, it may be since The Prestige. Nolan has become a master of low-key thrillers, and this looks no different. The actor I'm most excited about in this film is Gordon-Levitt, who has also been building a resume full of varied performances that showcase the range of his intensity, most notably in Brick, Mysterious Skin and The Lookout.

Alice in Wonderland
(Release Date: March 5)
I've been raised on the dynamic duo of Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton, from their first pairing for 1990's Edward Scissorhands through 2007's Sweeney Todd. The announcement of their seventh collaboration for Alice in Wonderland took my love for their pairings (and both men's other films) and added it with my strong appreciation for all things fairy tale-related. That appreciation started back in the 1980s, when I was exposed to "Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre," which originally aired on PBS. Burton even directed the "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp" episode. (Hulu just posted the entire series to watch online for free.) Also, add in that the Oscars are on March 7, and that weekend should be full of memorable movie-related experiences for me.

This year will also see the second Iron Man, the third Toy Story, Shrek Forever After and the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - the next installments of four movie franchises of which I've enjoyed previous movies, but I'm not over-the-moon about them like I am for Inception and Alice in Wonderland.


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