Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris turned the big seven-zero today. Although we don't see much of him these days besides the occasional Walker, Texas Ranger rerun or Bowflex commercial, here's a poem for our favorite Bearded Superhero:

No longer a ranger, he's long since retired
Now an internet meme, to which many aspire
The man, the myth, the legend, the beard
Even by Death the Bowflex master is feared

On Chuck Norris age should have no power,
And he can clean himself, has no need of a shower
He does impossible things, like believe it's not butter,
As well as being able to judge a book by its cover

If you see the Beard Master, be sure to tip your hat,
Although I'd advise against bothering him with known "facts"
But if you live next door, you better turn down the bass,
Or you'll be getting a roundhouse kick to the face

Now, when's that Walker, Texas Ranger movie coming out? I know there's no official word, but with all of the remakes and spin-offs these days, don't you think there should be one?


Ameena Mohammad said...

Well, I wouldn't go to that movie. But I would enjoy combing through the Chuck Norris accessories at Walmart for a laugh.

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