Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nic Cage: National Treasure - A Razzie Rebuttal

Catherine recently (as in, a mere few hours ago) outlined how Nic Cage was "snubbed" for the "Worst Actor of the Decade" award from the Razzies. However, Nic Cage's supposed ineptitude doesn't even begin to compare to the other actors who were nominated for the award (Ben Affleck, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider). Let's look at the differences:

- Nic Cage has only been nominated for three Razzie awards. Among the five nominated, the closest is Mike Myers, who was nominated for four in the 2000s.
- Nic Cage has never "won" a Razzie. All of those nominated have won at least one Razzie
- Nic Cage has won an acting Oscar. None of the people actually on the list have won an Oscar for acting...ever. Only Ben Affleck (while leeching off Matt Damon) has an Oscar among those nominated, for the Good Will Hunting screenplay.
- Nic Cage was nominated for an Oscar in the 2000s (Adaptation). Only Eddie Murphy, among those nominated, was nominated in the 2000s for an Oscar (Dreamgirls).

Those facts alone show why he isn't the "Worst Actor of the Decade." Plus, no one is ever going to win an argument with Nic Cage's Bird Hair.

On a side note, I actually liked Knowing. Yes, Nic Cage had a couple of waaaay over the top moments, but overall it's actually an unusually reserved performance for late-2000s Nic Cage. It was especially refreshing considering everyone else in the movie seemed to be sleepwalking through their roles.

The movie, despite its horribly illogical plot, does a decent job of keeping the tension built, and far exceeded even my meager expectations. I don't recommend it for anyone looking for a "good" movie, but if you like Nic Cage or over-the-top sci-fi movies, it's worth a rental.


Catherine Krummey said...

You do make a good point, and I don't think he should "win" the award, I was just surprised that he wasn't nominated. At least over Rob Schneider, whose performances, while bad, are usually supporting, not leading.

Ben Wood said...

Of Nic Cage's three nominations, two were acting and one was for on-screen couple with his bear suit. Rob Schneider had two for main actor, two for supporting actor, one for on-screen couple (for him and his diapers...I'm so glad I never saw Deuce Bigalow 2), and one for screen-writing (again for Deuce Bigalow 2). So, Schneider matched Nic Cages, and raised him two supporting performances and a screenwriting Razzie nomination. Plus, Schneider's "win" was as lead actor.

And has Rob Schneider ever been considered a good actor? Nic Cage has some defenders (and some roles to back it up), but Schneider seems to have always possessed the bare minimum of acting talent, and to my memory has not been in a single "good" movie.

Catherine Krummey said...

Just because the Razzies did or didn't nominate certain people/films doesn't mean they were or weren't deserving of it. I was just saying that, for me as movie fan, this has not been Nic Cage's best decade (see: '90s), to say the least.

Rob Schneider is not a good actor. Like I said in my post, I think that Mike Myers also could've easily been substituted for Nic Cage. But again, the Razzies and I (also you and I) just don't share the same opinions, and I'm okay with that. I'm finding that I have a very love/hate relationship with movie awards shows, especially after the Oscar nominations.

Ben Wood said...

I feel like the last few years have been pretty horrible for movie awards of all shapes and sizes. Hell, I think Nic Cage should've won the Oscar for Adaptation, and Avatar's nomination this year just makes me sad. What makes me more sad is that some people are considering it a "snub" that Avatar's script wasn't nominated for an Oscar and that Zoe Saldana wasn't nominated for supporting (or is it lead?) actress.

And we'll probably never see eye-to-eye with Nic Cage. The only truly bad movies I've seen of his are Ghost Rider and The Wicker Man. Everything else (even messes like Next) I at least find somewhat entertaining, and I appreciate the fact that Nic Cage, although often over-acting, at least seems to be into the material, even when the material is obviously complete crap.

Ben Dillon said...

You both need to stop arguing and just consider one thing. It doesn't matter how good or bad of an actor Nic Cage may be. The fact is, he's a sex symbol. Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjRx_4KAX8o

Catherine Krummey said...

Yeah, those first two pictures (cowboy hat and weird mustache) really do it for me. :p

I'm joking, of course.

Ben Wood said...

As "sexy" as some of those pictures are (the ones starting 40 seconds in are especially, um...well, disturbing), I don't think it's as bad as a certain director that you used to like, Catherine :P

And personally I think Nic Cage is at his hottest when he has a flaming skull for a head. Get it? Hot? Flaming Skull?

I'm hilarious and you all know it.

Catherine Krummey said...

RE: That Certain Director - I was not necessarily attracted to his looks. After a certain public appearance I'm starting to question how I was attracted to him at all. :p

And yes, Nic Cage is in fact at his hottest with the flaming skull.

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